Suspended in a magical atmosphere between past and present

Villa Attems a historical location, where present and past come together and make you live unique and unforgettable moments in a magical and bucolic atmosphere!
Villa Attems

A dream come true

Villa Attems was born from the desire for a total modernization of an old historic property of the Attems counts; from the love for one’s land and traditions, giving it new life and new splendor with a modern imprinting aimed at the tourism-hospitality sector.

“The important thing is to love what you do and believe in it. If you love, there is enthusiasm and you believe in it, success comes!” (quoted by Paolo Giasone)

If a place has a soul, it continues to live

The history of Villa Attems has its roots far back in time and finds the first documentation at the end of the fifteenth century, when the estate comes into the possession of the Postcastro family, passing through the vicissitudes and the glorious and nefarious moments of our history

And so, from generation to generation, the estate passes from father to son, up to Virginia Attems, current owner of the estate together with her husband Paolo Giasone, who with great intuition and foresight and with a modern and innovative vision, have restored to kept new splendor, redeveloping and renovating it entirely, transforming it into a magical fairytale location, where to celebrate weddings, baptisms, communions, parties and events.

An exclusive and ambitious project

It was not easy to decide how to give new life to the historic property of the Attems Counts, decide what to demolish, what to maintain and renovate and how to enhance the location.

The redevelopment and renovation project was ambitious and absolutely not easy.

In the end, it was decided to keep the historical part of the property: the old cellar and the barn were transformed into three rooms of different sizes, now used for events, weddings, ceremonies, parties, business meetings …

A dream come true: a dip from the past towards the future, which today it is possible to live in the halls and in the park of Villa Attems!

Live your Dream among Charm, Elegance and Refinement

Live your dream in a timeless estate, surrounded by the beauty of its centuries-old park, immersed in an exclusive oasis between the charm of the ancient aristocracy and modernity of today, in a refined, elegant and charming location.

Our services

The halls

Villa Attems offers three rooms of different sizes and characteristics for the realization of events, weddings, ceremonies, small banquets or business meetings.

The park

The park of Villa Attems is certainly its strong point; a large terrace full of centuries-old plants, a large, vast, bucolic, majestic and sparkling place in every season of the year.

The small museum

Inside the villa you can also visit a small photographic museum dedicated to the First World War, located in an original refuge dating back to the Great War.

Wedding planner

Upon request wedding planner service and event realization, technical amplification service for concerts, conventions and conferences, artistic direction of musical events and instrument service.

At the Court of Attems
Inside the estate an old farmhouse has recently been redeveloped and renovated, now used as a holiday home for guests looking for peace, tranquility and timeless charm.


Parking and disabled

The structure offers its guests a large and convenient enclosed internal parking; in full compliance with current regulations, it is fully equipped for people with disabilities.

The Park of Villa Attems

The large centuries-old park is certainly the strong point of Villa Attems: vast, open, bucolic, full of typical plants that characterize a historic garden; majestic and sparkling in every season of the year.








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About us

A choice made with the heart

How long did it take from being welcomed in Villa Attems to
choosing it as the location for our wedding reception?

We would say five minutes at the most. In fact, our choice was made, in unison, with the heart.

After getting stressed out in viewing various locations (in Trieste and Friuli), we took a deep breath of relief when we entered the spacious and well-kept garden of Villa Attems and met Virginia and Paolo.

A special day

Once you cross the door of Villa Attems a dream opens up, a park with attention to the smallest details, no leaves out of place, a trail of pebbles leads to the villa, also well-kept and impeccable, entering a feeling of freshness overwhelms all the senses, even if the ceiling and floor are made of wood, inside you can breathe pure air, a huge window makes it even more the idea of being outside, in that green park.

In retrospect, we would choose it another 1000 times. The professionalism and sweetness with which we were greeted by Mrs. Virginia and her husband is unmatched.

A dream location

Perfect location, we could not have wished for anything better for our wedding.

The interior room, simple and elegant, is very large and bright, but the thing that absolutely made us fall in love is the wonderful window, which allows you to enjoy the immense park also from the inside and the owners are very nice and helpful.

We highly recommend it to all those who want to amaze their guests by offering a unique location of its kind.
Oriana and Stefano


You can reach us easily. We are pleased to be able to offer you the necessary information, directly at the headquarters of the Villa, by appointment, or by phone and by email.

34170 Gorizia ( Lucinico), via Giulio Cesare 36

Monday -Saturday: 10:00–18:00